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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover a Duplex or Triplex?

By March 22, 2021Insurance

As always with insurance…that depends!

If you own, or are thinking of buying, a duplex or triplex (multi-family dwelling), you will want to consider these 3 things when purchasing insurance.

  1. Will you be living in it?
    If any unit of your building is owner-occupied, most homeowner’s policies will insure you, given that the building is in good living conditions and is acceptable. If you will be renting out all of the units you will need to get a Landlord policy, also called a Dwelling Fire policy.

  2. Does it cover loss of rent?
    Also referred to as “Loss of Use”, if your property needs to be repaired and you rely on the rental income you must make sure to have this coverage added to your policy. Be sure to ask your agent if this coverage is included in your policy and assess if it’s an appropriate amount.
  3. Additional (or “Other”) Structures
    Is there storage on the property? What about fencing or wood decks? Being sure to cover things such as storage sheds, detached garages and fencing will save you high out of pocket repair bills in the future.


Insurance is a risk management tool that can protect you from financially-devastating events when it is placed properly. By meeting with an independent agent, you give yourself the peace of mind that your investments and finances are protected and suited to your needs.


*Always consult your agent to best understand your insurance policy as it may differ from standard insurance policy forms.