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3 Risks to Your Business’s Finances

If you are a business owner you understand how important proper planning is. You can predict with accuracy your overhead costs and each month’s expenses. You understand your market risks and competition. Business Insurance is your shield to unforeseen risks. Get a quote today!

What about the unseen risks to your balance sheet, or worse, your company’s existence?

Here are three risks to your business that you should be prepared for:

  1. Liability. A faulty product, a slip and fall on your premises, property damage or an auto accident. All of these are risks your business takes. Being liable for any of these scenarios will cost your bottom line. Having an appropriate level of liability coverage helps protect your business from these risks.
  2. Property Damage. A broken window. Smoke or fire damage. There are countless ways your business’s property or personal property damage can be damaged. As a result, your now having to pay additional expense to replace your property. Avoid these costs by having the right amount of coverage.
  3. Business Income. Your business has to stop operations for repairs. Your bills don’t care. Not having coverage for loss of income can be the difference between opening up again or closing for good.

Placing the right amount of insurance on your business is vital to your operation. Independent agents offer you peace of mind and comfort because we offer ease, choice and advice. As a result, you have a partner that helps you navigate the risks of business. Ask for a quote to find out how we can help.

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